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➟ What Is Dark Age Defense ?

Dark Age Defense is a brief tutorial that teaches people how to generate and maintain power in an emergency.

This guide is a step-by-step manual that will walk you through the process of keeping your house powered indefinitely. Even if power outages occur, whether temporarily or long-term, Dark Age Defense will teach you how to keep your home warm and lit for good.

This tutorial discusses something known as the "Infinity Coil," which is based in part on Nikola Tesla's research. What's more, this technology may not be available to the general public for another decade. However, you may use this technology to aid yourself and your family in times of need.

What’s impressive is that this technology may not be available to the public for the next decade. But you can harness this technology to help yourself and your family through critical emergencies.

According to the author, this technology is superior to any current alternative solution, such as backup generators or solar panels

If people believe they have everything under control with generators and solar panels, they are mistaken. Backup power generators, according to the official website, will not last long because they consume a lot of fuel and can only operate for a short period of time

How Does Dark Age Defense Work?

Dark Age Defense's primary goal is to teach people how to build their own infinity coils to provide power to their homes and all appliances. This infinity coil has the ability to provide power indefinitely. According to the makers of Dark Age Defense, the information in the eBook is invaluable, able to teach you exactly how to make an infinite supply of energy from your own home. 

As per the guide, the first thing you should know is that the first action after a blackout should be taken within the first 30 seconds of power failure. It will also tell you how to create a force field around your home. All of this to help you keep your family safe.

Inside the program, customers will discover the following:
 The lawful "Felony" method that boosts the infinity coil's efficiency by 261% more than any other power source.
 The reader is given various ways to turn the power back on should it fail permanently or be inaccessible due to a natural disaster.
 How can one construct seven infinite coils in a short amount of time using the "Pencil Squared" method?
 Discover the "Cosmo generator," which generates power from the air.
 The”pencil trick” mentioned is one of the simplest. It will help you through the darkest times by being a beacon of light

and many other methods to keep your lights emergency. 

Exclusive Bonuses With Dark Age Defense

Here are some of the Dark Age Defense survival manual bonuses included with the e-book:
 Off-grid Independence - It uses real-world examples to show you seven safe havens that are not affected by Blackout Day. These have cutting-edge grids, are liberty-friendly, and will assist your family in thriving rather than just surviving. 
 Produce Oasis - It is possible to keep your food safe even in harsh environments, according to this guide. It offers information on food consumption as well as the rapid acceleration of food development through the use of a sock fertilizer-method technique
 Water On Demand - This article discusses the best strategies for ensuring that people have enough water to survive a crisis. This supplementary tutorial teaches people everything they need to know about safely producing, purifying, and storing drinkable water.
 Bulletproof Bugout - To survive a catastrophic end-of-the-world scenario, a well-planned evacuation strategy is required. Staying at home during a disaster may no longer be an option. In light of this, the handbook is designed to assist people in better preparing for future disasters.
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Just contact the support in case.

Dark Age Defense FAQs

Where to Buy Dark Age Defense Ebook?
Dark Age Defense ebook can be easily purchased form its official website. 
How much Dark Age Defense Cost?
The Dark Age Defense ebook and bonus are extremely pocket friendly. You can get these just for $67. However, after purchase, if you do not feel satisfied you can return the product within 60 days and get your money back.
What is the Refund Policy?
If you believe Dark Age Defense Book will not work for you, you can simple ask for a refund within the 60 days of purchase. Just put an email at - support@darkagedefense.com. Its a great advantage and you can buy Dark Age Defense risk free.

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Dark Age Defense
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